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‘Our mission is to provide the best quality and most affordable RX ophthalmic lenses by using state of the art freeform technology. Our aim is to be your No.1 choice for RX surfaced and progressive lens supply.’

The ophthalmic industry is experiencing a period of change in the technical development of optical lenses and the choices available to the consumer.  Traditional practices have been challenged and patients now demand the best lenses but at realistic prices.

RXLENS DIRECT has been established to supply well designed, freeform back-surfaced, ophthalmic products to the general public through B2B partnerships with opticians and optometrists.  Our goal is to dispel the myths that surround the corrective vision manufacturing industry and provide well made lenses at sensible prices. We are committed to offering quality goods and first class services tailored to our client’s requirements.  As individuals the Directors and employees of RXLENS DIRECT are all specialists in their field.  Whether that is in the supply of logistical services or the sourcing, manufacturing and development of our lenses, we have the skills to provide the finished article to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

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