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RX Ethereal – Freeform Back-surfaced Progressive Designs

The progressive addition lens provides the smoothest transition from distance through intermediate to near vision. The main benefit is that instead of having just two different viewing zones (distant and reading) as in bifocals, your new progressive lens will have gradual corrective powers from top to bottom and this will ease eye strain and provide for better vision.

Traditional lens-making tools have either spherical or cylindrical surfaces and can work only on the backside of the lens. They cannot create aspheric shapes or the complex curves required for PAL designs. This is why the progressive channel of varifocal design has traditionally been pre-moulded by the manufacturer on the front surface of the lens.

Our lenses are manufactured with freeform technology that permits direct surfacing and makes it possible to grind the front and back sides of a lens blank as required to produce sophisticated lens designs. A computer numerically controlled (CNC) freeform generator creates the lens surface according to the desired parameters, which may include optic influencing variables beyond the usual sphere cylinder and axis of the prescription. The lens is then polished using a computer- controlled “soft sponge” system to ensure optimal clarity is achieved while maintaining the integrity of the surface curves.

With freeform generation any curve that can be mathematically described can be produced. What is important in practical terms is that freeform generation allows any optically useful design to be created in a spectacle lens. Where manufacturing technology was once the limiting factor in design that barrier has now been removed. It is now possible and affordable to offer each patient an optically advanced (unique) solution to his or her visual needs. Thus, freeform technology allows manufacturers to take single-vision and varifocal lens designs to higher levels of sophistication.

The benefits of back-surfaced freeform designs are clear with superior product quality and unprecedented surface smoothness giving the wearer greater comfort and quicker user adaptation as compared to traditional progressive lenses.

RXLENS DIRECT specialise in utilizing freeform manufacturing advances to produce high quality, affordable, bespoke lenses. However, we are not a budget lens supplier as we use the latest design technology so the patient receives the optimum corrective and visually appealing lenses. We have several designs and they include RX Eden; top of the range personalised lenses. RX Ethereal Beauty; enhanced thinning technology combined with our Advanced progressive and RX designs. RX Ethereal Ultra; designed for those patients who prefer shallow frames. RX Ethereal Advanced; two designs in three fitting heights both the Far and Balanced progressives offer exceptional performance. RX Ethereal Gateway; is an entry level freeform design that opens the door to better vision for all. RX Ethereal Office; this is a truly versatile occupational lens. RX Ethereal Advanced Single Vision lenses; Anti-fatigue and Advanced readers apply freeform progressive technology to single vision lenses enhancing the optical experience for the presbyopic patients of the future.

RX Eden

When only the best will do Eden provides a summer garden in full bloom feeling all year round. Personalisation of the highest level where reading distance, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, eye movement and lifestyle choices are all factored into produce this top of the range optical lens. RX Eden combines enhanced freeform technology and computer design to produce the lens of the future today.

RX Ethereal Beauty (Progressive)

Where the cosmetic appearance is the most important issue, the thinning technology used in the production of this range really does provide spa treatment for lenses. By adding the latest design programming and production techniques to our RX Ethereal Advanced products a lens can be more aesthetically pleasing. Beauty lenses can be between 15% - 30% thinner than your patient is used to giving them a look they only dreamed of before.

RX Ethereal Ultra

Utilising personalised freeform technology the Ultra has been specifically designed with a 12mm fitting height to fit frames to a minimum depth of 22mm. Optimization of the distance and reading zones and minimizing the corridor length induces a larger lens feel for this miniature package. Patients can have shallow frames and do not have to compromise on optical performance.

RX Ethereal Advanced - Far / Sports

This lens caters to both new users and to those who need a wider field of distance vision for outdoor activities and sports. By providing a wider distortion-free distance area the corridor naturally opens up enabling a smooth transfer between the powers. The distortion field is forced down resulting in a slightly smaller but very functional reading area. The 16mm design is perfect for sports use and the 18mm design makes the transition to progressives for new users comfortable and hassle free.

RX Ethereal Advanced - Balanced / Near

Designed as a multifunctional lens the Balanced design provides the perfect match between distant and reading zones. Existing progressive wearers, and those first time patients wishing to use their progressives for reading and office work, will find this lens accommodating for all everyday tasks.

RX Ethereal Office

RX Ethereal at work, a truly versatile lens the Office can be specifically tailored for occupational use: now it does not matter if you are a dress-maker, antique dealer, optometrist or office professional this lens can be crafted to suit specific visual requirements.

RX Ethereal Gateway

Out with the old and in with the new; should cost be an issue this entry level freeform design means the patient no longer has to compromise the quality of their vision when the budget is tight. Freeform programming provides a crisper clearer image than can be produced in a conventional lens. Whether it is used as a promotional tool or caters to the needs of voucher patients the RX Ethereal Gateway is unmatched for price and quality.

RX Ethereal - Premium Single Vision Lenses

Advances in freeform design and production techniques have enabled the development of superior single vision corrective lenses. By utilizing improved freeform design software and progressive technology options for the single vision wearer has never been so good.

RX Ethereal Anti-fatigue

When a patient complains that their eyes are constantly feeling tired at the end of each day the Anti-fatigue lens offers a solution to this problem. As the day progresses the muscles in the eye tend to tire as they spend a good proportion of the day contracting to provide clarity of vision. The distant prescription has an addition of between +0.40 and +0.80 applied to the lower part of the lens. The application of the extra power assists the eye by making it easier to focus during the later stages of the day.

As these lenses are designed with single vision wearers in mind the level of peripheral distortion created is markedly lower than that of an advanced progressive lens. It is very important to introduce progressive lenses as soon as possible for potential presbyopic patients and as such the Anti-fatigue can also be dispensed as a training lens to get the patient used to progressive technology before a freeform PAL is required. The RX Ethereal Anti-fatigue is the perfect answer for those patients who require that slight addition.

RX Ethereal Advanced Reader

The Advanced Reader allows the patient to move the eye naturally up and down instead of constantly tilting the head. The normal reading prescription is applied to the bottom of the lens and a degression of between -0.4 and -0.8, depending on the patient’s prescription, is then automatically built in to the top of the lens.

RX Ethereal Beauty (Single Vision)

As with the progressive when the cosmetic appearance is the most important issue, the technology used in the production of this range gives the patient an affordable aesthetic option. Beauty lenses are between 15% - 30% thinner than the patient has used, giving them a look they only dreamed of before.

RX Ethereal Surfaced - Spherical & Aspheric

In addition to our comprehensive selection of progressive and advanced single vision lenses we provide a full range of freeform RX surfaced lenses. All are tailor made, every order, every lens, bespoke for you.


The primary purpose of bifocals is to provide the optimal balance between the distance and near vision focusing needs. RXLENS DIRECT produce the most popular reading bifocal, the Flat-Top (also known as straight-top or D-Seg), 28mm, 35mm and 45mm wide. In addition the R28 and C28 are available in 1.5, index only.

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