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This service is designed to make placing shape orders easier. All you need is an OMA / VCA compatible tracer, an internet connection and we will do the rest. You will then receive the cut lens at your store.


Why not take the worry out of finishing awkward or expensive jobs. RXLENS DIRECT are specialists in rimless glazing and as well as providing a first class cost-effective service we are proud of the quality of our workmanship.


Hard Coating (Scratch Resistant):

This treatment comprises of a silicone resin being applied to the lens surface which increases the scratch resistance and is available for all indices and materials. All our lenses are supplied with a free hard-coat as standard unless otherwise requested.

Anti-Reflective Coating (AR Coating / HMAR):

The coating is applied to both sides of the lens and limits reflection by allowing the maximum amount of light through the lens. The AR coating is effective for reducing headlight glare and helps reduce eye strain when using a computer monitor. These lenses are cosmetically more appealing as they appear crisp and clean. The coating consists of 1 scratch resistant layer, 5 Anti-reflective layers and 1 anti-humidity layer.

Super Hydrophobic Anti-Reflective Coating:

This process integrates an oil repellent function with the AR coating by using a newly developed agent. The lens is then easier to clean and more resistant to smudges as well as affording greater protection against scratches. Although this coating performs exceptionally well the technician has to be careful during the glazing process to ensure the lens does not slip. The main features for Hydrophobic Coating are;

  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Easier to clean and assists in repelling dust or smudges
  • 100% UV protection (320 ~ 400nm)
  • Superior protection from electromagnetic wave and static electricity


Our plastic lenses can be tinted in a wide variety of colours ranging from fashion shades to dark sunglass tones. The process involves immersing the lenses in special dyes with the length of time they are left in the bath resulting in the percentage absorption rate.

Solid Tint:

The colour is equally applied to the entire surface of the lens and may vary from subtle light (15% LAF) to very dark (85% LAF).

Gradient Tint:

The dye is applied solidly at the top and then fades to an almost transparent level at theĀ bottom of the lens. Although one colour is mainly used it is possible to apply an alternative to the bottom creating a two tone lens.

Matching Tint:

If you are unsure of the colour or absorption rate just send a sample of the tint you require and we will match it.

Two Colour Tint:

If you want a lens with two different colours just send a sample of the tint you require and we will match it.

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